Greige courier from PFer! great deal

  1. Nice bag Deco...good luck on your auction. I think you should list it for more!!! I have never seen a Greige Courier on eBay...
  2. Thanks again Slinkies:tender: . Hopefully this will remove any doubts as to authenticity and respectability of the seller, since I'm being pegged a porn star in the Authenticate This thread:roflmfao:.
  3. Thanks kitegirl. :flowers: I'm only trying to recoup my costs and encourage quick sale. There are more Bbags out there waiting for me to buy them, and they need my love quickly:graucho:.
  4. Its a beautiful bag and I am tempted but I have the extra Courier in Black. Hmmm... how big is the Courier in comparison to the Extra Courier?
  5. It's roughly about 2 inches smaller all the way around.
  6. Thanks Fendihunter -

    I am SO dead if my bf finds out that I bought a second Courier...but I can rationalize it by saying that this one is in a different color and smaller right?
  7. ^^ lol, you'd be so busted Clake :busted

    p.s. but i think you should totally go for it!!!