Greige compared to Natural - side by side

  1. Several of you have asked how these 2 compare. So here they are side by side.
    The first 2 pictures are inside with flash. The 3rd is outside in the sun.



  2. Thanks Powder.

    Is natural similar to calcaire?
  3. Wow, those don't look similar at all ...
    I think the Naturel compares more with White, ya think?
  4. No, it's definitely not white. It's a light beige, no pink tones like Calciare and no gray like Greige. It's really pretty. If you're afraind of white and don't feel comfortable with white, natural would be a good alternative. I love white bagsand mine don't get dirty. If they do get a little dirty I clean then right away and re-coat with Apple Guard spray.
  5. Thank you so much powder ...... - for the very impressive and helpful comparison-pics :flowers: :love: - I ever thought they looks very similar, but on your pics they really looks different :yes: ! Thanks again !
  6. Hi just got back from holidays...saw the naturel in Berlin but am less shure if I want to get it (we had ugly weather that palyed into my mood)...
    I do like greige way more but it definately is very diffrent the one they had there just looked too ivory yellowish in my mind but again it was an ugly rainy day and maybe it was the lightning.
  7. Thanks for the comparison, Powder!

    I have a Greige and was going to get a Naturel because the leather is so, so, lovely, but then I saw Sagranch's Cafe I'm thinking I could wear my Greige anywhere I'd wear the Naturel to, so I should get a Cafe Twiggy.

    Anthracite City is a given. Wish I had $$$ for all of 'em.
  8. wow!!! great thread! thanks powder :p
  9. natural is gorge IRL, but I must say, I saw it with the GH and it was jaw dropping!
  10. I know! All I could think was that it's the color of champagne bubbles...I'm going to have to look at naturel, anthracit, cafe and marine all at the same time and just pick two. So hard!
  11. Thanks so much for posting Powder!! The differences are pretty big...I thought for sure they were going to be really similar.

    Both so beautiful...
  12. They are both BEAUTIFUL! Love that Griege... matches the weather here. (Buffalo, NY)
  13. Thanks so much for posting comparison pics!
  14. what great comparison pictures! Thanks for these powderpuff.
  15. eeeek i love greige..... :ninja:

    please don't tell me it comes in the weekender.......does it?? :whistle: