Greige City - any hope of finding one?

  1. So I have decided this is a color/style I MUST have - but seems like everybody is sold out? Anybody have any idea where I might find one????
  2. I would probably start out by checking with Aloha Rag and Bal NY.
  3. Already tried-both sold out!:sad:
  4. A friend of mine adores my Greige and she called every store that carries Balenciaga and none had a City . Now maybe there are some in the back that the a not so savvy SA didn't know about. If I were you, try the more obscure stores, you might get lucky as they find things in the back and put them out. Good luck, greige is so gorgeous! It will go with gray black tones or brown beigey tones. That's why I love it.
  5. Oh okay, I'm sorry to hear that. I agree that when you have some time, sit down with your phone and the "where to buy Balenciaga" guide from ateliernaff. You might be surprised what you can find if you're patient -- who knows what might be in the back rooms of various stores? Good luck!
  6. I would wait for one to pop up on eBay.
  7. One of my gfs fell in love with my greige city and has been desperately trying to find one as well, with no luck!! She might just give in and purchase the Natural '07 color if she can't find the greige sometime soon :sad: Good luck with your search, if she comes across some hidden greige treasure I will be sure to let you know!! :flowers:
  8. I bought the natural and am not happy with it.... it has a greenish tint to me (call me crazy) - BalNY does have the griege in a box, first and courier. I know the first is too small, but thinking about the box.... I love my LV damier speedy 30.... do any of you know how a box compares size-wise to the speedy?
  9. Im not sure about the box but I have a blueberry courier and it is the best sized bag ever! It is really smooshy and holds so much and is very practical as it can be worn accross body. Sorry about my raving I just :heart: it so. Good luck with your search!
  10. I have a box and it holds a lot. I never fill my Twiggy's up. I think the box is a great size and it is by no means small. If it's a pretty greige box, you should get it imo. Plus the box is discontinued so that makes it extra special.:yes: