Greige and rouge City arrived! Waiting on the black and white..

  1. then I will post pictures of all 4. I just checked with BALNY and the white and black should be here today according to the Fed Ex tracking number. :yes:
    I hope I can figure out how to post the pictures. Any tips? Also, how do you make the thread title bold? I swear I am not an idiot. I have beena MUA member since 2000 but this forum is new to me, so I am still figuring out where everything is.
    I have some pictures of my bags but not sure where to post them. Do we have to post LV on the LV board?
    I would also like to post pics of the 2 Balenciagas that I bought almost 2 years ago from DellaModa website and Italianmoda on Ebay. They are fakes I am sure. The bales are totally thin and square. Until I found this forum, I never even knew it. :shrugs:
    I'm sorry so many questions all at once.
  2. ohhh welcome powderpuff & CONGRATULATIONS on the 4 newest additions!!!!!! :yahoo: b-bags are SO addictive!!!! Can't wait to see your pics!

    Don't worry your thread title is bolded automatically for people who haven't read it yet :yes: You'll see after somebody post here (and you haven't read the last post), your thread title would look bolded to you too! ;)

    To post pics, click on "Go Advanced" and look up for the paperclip icon. Click on it and it'll open a new window to manage attachments. Then you can just browse for the files & attach them :smile:

    You can post pictures here. Most people post pics depending on the brand, if it's balenciaga, it's here, if it's LV, it's on the LV subforum. But if it's a group picture, you can post them here... We'd love to see it! Do whatever you want, we always welcome pictures to drool over :love:
  3. Welcome Powderpuff! :flowers:

    Can't wait to see pics of your new 'babies'!:yahoo:
  4. Congrats powderpuff! I can't wait to see your b-bags, welcome to the b-bag craze!:yahoo:
  5. Four all at once?! I wish I could do that! Can't wait to see all your pictures, you'll have your own b-bag family now!
  6. oh dear, i can't wait to see pictures of your lovely bbag family :yahoo:
  7. :nuts: 4 b-bags !!!!
    means 4 pics:nuts:

    well least:graucho: !!!
  8. Welcome! I'm an MUAer, too(diff user name, though)!:flowers: Congrats on your new bags--can't wait to see your beautiful pics! :smile: To answer your questions, to attach pics, you need to resize them so they will upload and fit here. Then, when you are ready to attach/post pics, click the manage attachments under the Additional options area when you reply to the post. Browse for the pics you want to attach and then upload.
    As for pics of all your bags, you can go into the Bag Showcase subforum and post piccies of all your bags or you can just post pics of your LV bags in the LV forum and your Balenciaga bags here.
    For the bags you think are fake, post them in the authenticate this area up at the top of this forum(they are stickied). members will look at them and let you know if they are real or not. If the bales are square, they are fake, though.
  9. 0o0o0o0 congrats!!! i cant wait to see pics and drool!!! hehehe!!! woop woop new b-bags!!!!
  10. They are here. :yes: I adore the black that Daphne chose for me. I have to take the pictures and watermark them. I am not letting some Ebay fake seller steal them to use for their auction, no way! I am appalled at how many fake bbags there are on Ebay. I just don't understand why they are really tough on Chanel but not on Balenciaga and LV. :cursing:
    Is it better to take them without flash? Or both?
    Anyway I will try to get them on today or for sure by tomorrow. I have company this weekend ( my mother) and don't want her to see me taking pictures of my bag obsession. She just doesn't *get* the bag thing. If she knew what I paid for all of these bags I would never hear the end of it. :sweatdrop:
  11. They are square and I am 99.9% sure that they are fake. When I take pics of all of my bags, I will take pics of the 2 fakes that I got almost 2 years ago. I won't watermark those. They can snag those pictures. I don't care. :yahoo:
    I too have a different name on MUA. I don't post there much anymore. I liked it better before they had so many boards. I don't swap any longer, that got old fast. But I love Productville and I read the boards and post when I have something relevant to say. :yes:
  12. I bet you are SOOO excited! Congrats again!:nuts:
    I always think non-flash natural light pictures are better, but it depends on the camera you are working with. I say take a pic of both and then see which comes out better. :yes: