- Entire Stock Of Flats 30% Off

  1. We are pleased to announce for the next 4 days
    our Entire Stock of Flats - The number one fall fasion item!!!!
    will be sold for 30% off!!!!

    Lanvin, Alaia, Luciano Padovan - every flat in the store all 30% off for the Next 4 Days!!!!
    October 19th - October 22nd
  2. How do you use the 30% off? The prices on Lanvin flats don't look any cheaper than at Barneys. In fact, some are more expensive!
  3. ^^^Duh! Today is the 18th and it starts the 19th. I'm a dork.
  4. Thanks bagachondriac!
    Today is the 19th and I can't tell the price difference. I had my eyes on the Lanvin Mary Jane flats and it is priced at $528. Can someone tell me what's so special about Lanvin flats? Are they extra comfy? Is the material different? How is the sizing? Someone told me that it was TTS, but I had to go up 1 whole size for a recent pair that I bought.:confused1:
  5. I owe you ladies a BIG apology!! It was late last night when I posted this, and I failed to look at the bottom of the page for further information. I feel like one big idiot!! Please forgive me! Here's the balance of the ad...

    The prices will only be shown in the store. All internet orders please call either store for this special price or come to the stores for this special promotion as well!!!!


    Gregory's Shoes
    Dallas - 972.490.1285
    Houston - 713.877.8499
  6. I called the store today and they said the sale is for established customers only. Anyway, they honored the discount, yay!!! Ask for Amanda, she is the manager.
  7. a sale ONLY for established customers?

    what lame reasoning!

    glad they honored the discount though!
  8. ^ yeah, seriously. how do they just "established"?

  9. Hmmm...that's strange! I've yet to order anything from them, although I received their newsletter because I'm on their mailing list. Does that make me an 'established' customer?