1. I stumbled upon this Hermes group as I was doing a little research and what a wonderful find it has been!

    The last few days I have been reading through past threads, about 3 weeks worth (my favorites were about men carrying a birkin and the accessories rainbow). I also read through the library of leathers, colors, and styles, and saw pics of some of your beautiful collections.

    I have been Gucci'd and LV'd to death and I am ready for something more subtle, more refined, and I have you lovely people to help enable my already active OCD (soon to be OHD, I hope!).
  2. Hello La Monsieur and welcome to the DAARRRKKK side.....look forward to more posts from you and you may as well know this right from the get-go.....we are very, very, very good at enabling. :graucho:
  3. Heheh...another man with a 40cm Birkie-baby coming soon!:graucho:

    Once you play Hermes, you'll forget the rest. Was at the Prada Store yesterday. Saw a great bag but the moment I touched it, I instantly tightened my grip on the Birkin in my other hand and decided that even though the Prada was a fractionth of the price, paying for it would have been a waste and I should just keep the money until there's enough for more Hermes.
  4. Welcome La Monsieur, You're in for a great ride!!!

    Thats EXACTLY how I feel now too!! Hermes has ruined me forever!!! I esp love VINTAGE Hermes! There's no other brand out there that exudes timeless classic!!! The investment is well worth it
  5. I totally agree with you, Eric. Ever since I got my first H bag then my Birkin, there is no going back for me. I'll just save my money for another Hermes bag, thank you very much!:wlae:

    Welcome La Monsieur! Hope you enjoy posting with us!!!:flowers:
  6. Welcome La Monsieur! Eric is right, once you experience H everything else seems a waste of money!!;)
  7. A warm welcome from the members' of the Hermes subforum!!! Have fun!
  8. Hi La Monsieur, Can't wait to see you with your first H bag. Please let us know when you've visited a boutique and have had the chance to test run some bags and also browse the leather books. We will eagerly 'enable' your interest in the H brand :graucho: .
  9. Welcome!!
  10. Welcome! Pull up a chair and kick your feet up!
  11. BTW, Monsieur....ADORE your avatar! My fav cocktail in my fav glass!!!!
  12. Welcome!! :flowers:
  13. Welcome!!! Have fun in this palace of enabling!!
  14. Welcome Monsieur !
  15. Welcome Monsieur! You will enjoy it here!