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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am new over here at RM and wanted to say hello.

    I normally post in the Coach section. However, I think I have been swayed over here now. I have been looking at getting either a MAB or MAM (or both!).

    I was hoping to get some suggestions for my first bag. Right now I am loving the tangerine and concord mini, but I also love the purple patent MAB. Do you think a patent MAB would be a good first bag or should I go with the normal leather? Also I am really liking an espresso elisha I saw.

    Any comments/help is greatly appreciated!

  2. I think you should decide on the size of the bag you want first then go from there and see what's available...unless you've eyed a certain leather or non-leather and don't mind what size you get it in...:smile:

    I think if you're going to spend quite a bit on a bag, you've gotta be sure about ALL aspects(size, leather)...and buy from a place that has a good return policy! although the stuff you've listed isn't from the current holiday collection, I think some etailers still carry them...research!!!!
  3. Hello, welcome to the RM subforum! :welcome:
    I am a newbie myself, but don't worry, the ladies here are all very helpfull and nice!!!

    As for your first bag, I think normal leather is better because patent is a trend and maybe in a couple of years (or months) you might be sick of it... I can't say anything on the color though... I love them all!

    (*cough*...Tangerine is such a great color for spring and summer though...*cough*)
  4. I love large bags so I usually buy MABs, and Nikkis. I agree that a regular leather, non-patent bag would be a good starting bag. There are tons of picks of Minkettes modeling both the MAMs, and MABs. And by the way, WELCOME!!!:flowers:
  5. Welcome to the RM addiction!!! :flowers:

    For your first bag, I think leather would be good. Both Tangerine & Concord are gorgeous shades. Which col works better with most of your wardrobe? You might want the first RM to be the most versatile so you can use & use & use her! GL!
  6. Welcome!

    I think first and foremost, you should decide on the shape/style of the bag you want. I prefer the MAM. It is only 20% smaller than the MAB, but it makes a huge difference. What size bags do you currently own? For reference, the MAM is about the size of a LV Speedy 30 and the MAB is about the size of the 35. And unfortunately, Elishas are no longer in regular production, so the best way to score one is either on the bay or ecrater, or, through consignment shops.

    Good luck in your search!
  7. Welcome! :hugs: I'm also a Coach-converted Minkette! :heart:

    Take a look at our reference library and peruse all the types of leathers, colors, and styles. There are tons to choose from, so take your time and see what really captures your heart. :yes: Some women love patent, some love leather, some love neutral colors, and some love bold and bright colors. Everyone's different.
  8. Welcome to RM!

    MY first bag was a MAB, and i loved it! It is pretty big- so if you like big bags go for it! The purple patent is awesome- but i agree it is a trend right now. if you want a bag that will be "in" for years to come, then go for a regular leather. The good thing about the MAB's is that when they are not full, as the leather is broken in more it smooshes better so it doesn't look as big.

    You may want to check out the reference library! You'll find it really helpful deciding on color, size, and style that is right for you!
  9. We absolutely welcome you here! I agree with the others.. find a style that appeals to you most and inquire about the different leathers and hopefully you'll get it right on the first try! It was definitely love at first sight for me.
  10. Thank You all for your kind and helpful responses. I have spent hours perusing your threads looking at modeling pics and all the other lovely photos everyone has posted of their gorgeous bags.

    At this point I have a pretty good idea that the MAM is just too small for me, if it is the size of the speedy 30. I love bigger bags and I am eager to get my first MAB.

    Don't stone me but I honestly don't care for the blue candy stripe lining at all, I don't know why but it is just not me. I love the floral black/white lining a lot and the original darker fleur de lis lining the best.

    I am thinking that the Dark Brown MAM is my best bet (or the older espresso one with the tassles). I do like the croc as well but I am wondering if the thicker leather combined with the hollow shape sits awkwardly at all?

  11. Hi there selket...soooo busted!!!:busted
    Oh wait...I'm in here too...guess I just gave myself away lol...:P

    That purple patent is :drool:, but it is the 'in' thing right now too. RM has so many delicious colors of leather to choose from! Have fun deciding...I know I am (going for a Nikki myself hehe)...:graucho:
  12. I'd say start with normal leather and then go from there. I just got my first RM and it's the Dark Brown MAM, it holds A LOT! I loove it. It's a good stepping stone.
  13. Welcome :flowers: You are not alone in your opinion of the blue/white striped lining! A lot of Minkettes do not like it. I, too, prefer the black and white lining. The blue and white just looks odd with some colors. Anyways, that Dark Brown MAM is a great choice as your first bag! RM has fabulous colors and textures. Beware--they do have a tendency to be addictive :P

  14. Oooh, great choice for your first RM bag!! :tup: I have a Dark Brown Duo, and I absolutely love the leather!! And you lucked out too, because Delcina is having a sale on DB MAMs, and it's only $295! I'm not sure what the lining is for this one though..
  15. Welcome Selket! You have walked through a door that you will never be able to back out of again!!