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  1. Hello my fellow purse lovers...
    New here. Google brought me here. Loved it & decided to stay.

    FABULOUS FORUM :smile:

    Looking forward to sharing my passion for handbags with you all.

    Peace. Love. Charity. & Hope.
  2. Welcome! There is a special thread for newcomers, maybe you should also say Hello there!
    Regina :smile:
  3. I think the newcomers thread is gone, isn't it? Well regardless, welcome! :yes:
  4. Welcome. Beware, this sight is addicting! :yes:
  5. Welcome! And Beware--I have found way too many bags on this site I never knew about and there goes my $$$. But this is a great site, great for authenticating bags, finding deals and just generally chatting. Like privatejoy said--very addicting.
  6. Welcome!