Greetings from Shanghai

  1. my brothers and i are spending a couple of days here in Shaghai on our first leg of our family holiday. and of course any trip won't be complete without visiting the local LV botique:



    this two-storey boutique located in a mall full of designer and luxury labels.

    spotted inside:
    Innsbruck Cabas
    Damier Lune Sac Sport and Cabas
    Olympe Nimbus - both colours
    XXL Mahina
    Rayeur tote with orange trim
    Mono Bequia belts
    Mirror Lockit in silver
  2. the SA service?:confused1:
  3. Hi, thanks for the pics, hope your having a great time. Its amazing how they have such limited things left. :smile:
  4. the service was good they were all nice and courteus. but the language barrier was still a challenge. which surprised me as i expected the SAs here would be fluent in English. one must be good in charades to get their point across :p
  5. Miroir lockit? Hmm, are you kidding me?
  6. Oh, how I miss Shanghai... that's my culture lol... I went there 2 years ago.
  7. You're such a funny guy, I'm pretty sure your charades must have been a sight to see!
    Enjoy your trip!
  8. hey DD! I hope you are having a fantastic time in Shanghai!

    I also went to that mall to visit the LV store there haha... Yes you are right, not many SAs in China are fluent in English (mainly because main customers are Chinese, as I heard not many travellers from overseas come to mainland China for shopping luxury items). Which is why I also found it hard to communicate with the SAs in Beijing too!
  9. too true Andri, there are very few foreign tourists here. but at least the Chinese are still nice and patient with us.
  10. DD, not sure if you are refering to Chinese as in general population or the LV staff in Shanghai... but LV staff here in China has been very nice and very approachable people....
  11. well i was refering to the shop assistants and wait staff. but the one thing that annoyed me are those counterfeit sellers. they'd either show us laminated photos of their fake LV or Gucci bags or briefcases full of knock-off Swiss watches and Montblanc pens. we pretty much got harassed every moment. even right outside the LV boutique.
  12. haha i know what you mean, there used to be a huge market devoted to fakes 'Shian Young Market', until being forced to closed due to Olympics! I had a hard time communicating w/SA even when i DO speak fluent Chinese, they have to get the manager to help. Mainly because i know the name by English/French, but in Asia they go by celebrity names of who carry it first-ex. Manhattan is Uma Bag, Trouville is Little Jen Bag(newsmedia's nick name for Jennifer Aniston), mono loop is Wang Fay Bag etc.
  13. i think it's common to find 'hard to find' pieces in shanghai, becuase many of the ppl who can actually afford luxury goods are quite mobile, and therefore mainly purchase htem from hongkong (becuase the prices are so much better there).
  14. I wouldn't expect them to know english, I would guess they get just as many tourists from non-english speaking countries (east asia) as english speaking. I'm glad to hear you had a good time. Charades can be very fun and educational.
  15. ^^ actually, alot of the high end boutique SA's speak fluent english. many of them are are well educated. the boutiques are very 'picky' when it comes to their SAs.