Greetings from a Tokidoki newbie!

  1. Hi everyone! I've been a lurker on TPF, especially the Tokidoki threads, for a bit now. So, I thought I would finallly come out of hiding LOL I've known about Tokidoki for quite some time now, but only recently bought my first Amore Gioco, which I absolutely love! There is totally NO place around where I live to buy Tokidoki. I live in northeast Mississippi, so that comes as no big surprise to me LOL! I recently took a vacation to California (where I'm from originally), and I saw some really cute pieces at one of the Macy's at DelAmo Fashion Center. (don't know why I didn't buy one...kicking myself now!) I'm really excited to find you all! Finally some girls who will understand my Toki addiction :yahoo:LOL

    Thank you for letting me say hi!! :smile:

  2. Hi Pirate Princess! Glad you came out and joined the toki crew!
  3. welcome! :yes:
  4. welcome to the forum :biggrin: heheh
  5. Thank you for the welcome, girls!
  6. Hi hi hi!!
  7. hello! :]
  8. hello! i've recently discovered these boards as well and am new! :biggrin:
  9. hey, hey, welcome :biggrin: and yes we totally share your toki addiction :biggrin:
  10. Hello!! yes and you will get more addicted and you will spend more money now that you've come in here! HAHA!!
  11. lol - but its totally true! be prepared

    and WELCOME! :flowers:
  12. Hi everyone, I am new too - been loving reading everyones posts and looking at your photos although it always makes me want more bags!! Im on the lookout for a foresta print ciao if anyone knows where to get there hands on one (besides eBay) thanks!

  13. Hi Pirate Princess, resin and CaitAdele!! welcome to the forum :smile:
  14. Welcome newbies!:yahoo:

    Glad there's another "southerner" in the group buying tokis! I can't find them anywhere here in Nashville either. But that doesn't surprise me ...Nashville tastes are mostly conservative...except for the music biz here...and they all commute from L.A. so ....they don't shop here anyway!

    Glad you girls decided to stop lurking and started posting! :idea: I didn't lurk at soon as I saw this place I was like "I've got to learn how to do this!" Now I've learned how to post pics and charge/send and all kinds of things thanks to tpf! :nuts: The charge/sending thing doesn't impress dh though....:sad: he's not too happy with that but he's trying to understand my need to have more than a couple of toki bags!
  15. hiya and welcome! hope you have fun here :smile: