Greenwich or Speedy B in DE?

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  1. While surfing through LV's site, I notice the Greenwich in DE. Checking the sizing, it is comparable to a Speedy 35. Anyone has any experience with it? It looks more structure to me which is why I was drawn to it.

    So debating on whether to put Greenwich or Speedy B 30 on my wishlist. I already have Metis on my wishlist.
  2. I have the DE Speedy 25 and absolutely love it!
  3. I vote speedy B DE.. Good luck on deciding.. :smile:
  4. Greenwich is better made and dressier and also in a higher price range so these two are very different I think.
  5. I have a Speedy B in mono and the Greenwich (DE) and I would choose the Greenwich. It does have more structure, and can be expanded when you need to carry more. The soft leather trim won't have the cracking issues I have heard of. It's a great all around bag, but as has been pointed out, it costs more!
  6. Thanks. I do like the look of Greenwich, just a little concern on the size as I normally prefer smaller bags. It does cost more but both are within my price range so that's not an issue. Is the strap long enough for cross body? Or is the bag too big to wear cross body?
  7. i just tried it today at lv store. The strap is a bit tight for crossbody and because of the width of the bag itself, making it too bulky when you wear crossbody.
    I'm tempted to buy it coz i love the model, however it costs twice than speedy B 30 and it's much dressier bag while speedy is more of an everyday bag.
    i'm 5'2 btw. the thing that makes me confuse though, the size is comparable to speedy 35 but when i tried, it felt smaller, a bit smaller than speedy b 30 even. Speedy b 30 on me looked too bulky.
  8. Greenwich :love: If you go with speedy b then I vote for the 25!
  9. this is how it looks on me. apologies for the backshot showing my bum :lol: it was candid.
    looking it for the thousand-th time and still think it's a bit too big for me :thinking:
    what do you guys think?

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  10. Based on your photos I don't think the Greenwich looks too big on you. It's a beautiful bag!
  11. I think it looks great on you. Looks pretty versatile.
  12. Looks like a great size on on you!
  13. Nice! It is smaller than I thought originally. It looks great on you! Yup I am putting it on my wishlist (although quite far down). Also putting a mono speedy b 25 on wishlist.
  14. I have the greenwich and love the style.....I think it looks very nice on you!
  15. The Greenwich is beautiful and looks great on you!!