Greentea's computer is sick

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  1. ...:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
    we're having router problems and only just now (10pm) managed to get a connection on my DH's computer. I've been :hysteric: :hysteric: all day not being able to log on and chat with you guys!! Just wanted to let you know that my fun will be limited (can't always use this computer) until the router is repaired.
    Hopefully tomorrow.
    NO, it BETTER be tomorrow!!! :upsidedown:
    If only computers were as trusty, reliable and well made as H bags!:tender:
  2. IF hermes ever makes a laptop...count me in! otherwise... I do love to write letters on fine stationary, let me know if you need me to fill you in!:lol:
  3. oh dear... too bad i'm too bad i'm not closer - for whatever reason, every time i'm even near a pc, it stops misbehavin... go figure!
  4. GREENTEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I was wondering where you were. Sorry to hear that your computer is sick, it drives me up the wall when I have no computer access so I know how you must feel right now.:crybaby:

    I hope your computer gets fixed by tomorrow ... But until then, perhaps this will be a good reason for you to head into Hermes for a good pick-me-upper?:nuts:
  5. argh!! hate computer problems.........
  6. Miss you GT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. ^ hugs. I 'm here now!! I miss my own computer, though.
  8. we are addicts lol!!! Can't be without our PF fix....
  9. ^Seriously. I was all antsy yesterday. LIke shopmom, every morning I busy my kids with a video make my tea and chat with you ladies. I didn't know what to do with myself!!
  10. poor GT, I hope everything's going to be better soon :flowers:
  11. HOORAY! She's BACK! TPF is not the same without you, GT.......
  12. ^^ I agree.. but it makes you wonder about this hermes addiction.. its just getting worse and worse! God help us!
  13. I can totally relate! My network was having problem for 10 minutes yesterday and I was restless!
  14. I can relate too, I am on cable, and if it's dead.. it's dead. Thank god it doesnt happen that often coz heck, I hate dial ups! (phone is expensive over here!).
  15. Ugh, dial-ups *shudders*. My parents were on dial-ups until earlier this month ...:Push:
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