GreenLighted for a new luxe bag!! Suggestions?

  1. I just got the green light to go ahead and get a hot new bag to add to my collection! There are so many I adore, any suggestions? What do think are the FAB IT bags right now? I am considering the LV Greive and Manhattan, but want to maybe try a new designer. I currently have many Gucci's, Versace, Chanel, Chloe.....Thanks!
  2. OOO Congrats! How about a Balenciaga Bag? I just got my first BBag a few months ago and I LOVE it! Or if you aren't against Python skins..maybe try to get a Chloe Python Silverado or Betty?
  3. How about a YSL?:heart:

    A muse or a downtown? Check out the YSL subforum!
  4. I second balenciaga! New season colours are very pretty
  5. I'd agree with Balenciaga as well who've I've only recently discovered (yeah I've been under a rock I LV rock, lol). The leather is incredible and they have some great colors!

    I'd also recommend checking out the Rebecca Minkoff threads. I'm in the process of getting a Nikki bag and the leather is really smooshy!
  6. How about a Marc Jacobs???!! Classic bags with luscious leather!
  7. I'm usually on the balenciaga forum, so my vote goes for bal too! You just can't beat that amazing soft smooshy leather and the stunning range of colors. Some spring 08 colors have come out in stores, and fall 07 colors are still mostly available.

    But, right now, if I wasn't so single-mindedly focused on bal, I'd consider the givenchy nightingale- love it in black, in the medium size!
  8. You're so lucky! My brain would explode if I had that decision to make! If me, I'd go for my dream bag~ a Chanel GST in black caviar.
  9. I agree with whoever said YSL Downtown. It's my HG bag! ::swoooooon::
  10. I also recommend Balenciaga. LOVE those bags....I've got a handful of LV's but I found myself running not walking away from the logo overkill.

    Balenciaga screams rocker chic, is coolly understated, but totally HOT. Perfection.
  11. I vote for YSL or Balenciaga! Check out both forums! There are lots of lovely folks who could help you out with sizes, styles, leathers, colours, etc. PS -- some YSL bags are on a great sale right now!