Greenine love your avatar pictures

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  1. Greenie, I keep wanting to tell you how much I enjoy the pictures of your cat and notice when you change them. You are a talented photographer and have a very photogenic cat!!!!! Yours is my all time favorite avatar!:love:
  2. Ditto !! I looove your kitty !
  3. Kitties are one of my weaknesses. The more kitties, the merrier!
  4. guys are sweet! Thank you! But they are not all my cat and not all taken by me. But I'm glad you guys enjoy them. I really love cats!
  5. to the ones who love cats:
  6. aww...that's adorable! You just want to kiss them!
  7. it's true :love:
  8. Your dog is pretty sweet too!!!
  9. I remember the one-eyed cat that lived for less than a day I think. I was sad that it died. *sniff*
  10. Not that I don't love cats (but my whole family is allergic), so I am a dog person! Love your pup Inky Paws!!
  11. Thanks! He is my cute little mutt dog I found after he had been hit by a car, he is the most loyal and low maintance dog I have ever had and soooo independant and stubborn! My whole family is allergic to cats too, so I have only had dogs. I wish I could have both! I just love the purrrr sound that cats make and would love to have one sleep with me!
  12. that's so cute! i would kiss them...if it didn't give me incessant sneezing and puffy, watery eyes. cats are the only things i'm allergic to :sad:
  13. awwww that's so cute!

    greenie- i love that icon you had before with that big fat cat :smile: