Greenies Question

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  1. I feed my dog the Teenie sized greenies (for dogs under 15 lbs) once a day but lately I noticed that he gulps it down rather than chew on it very much. I tried stuffing it in a Kong toy to have him chew more because I'm worried that the large pieces are hard for him to digest but he knows how to pull out the whole piece withing a few seconds and wolf it down.

    I was thinking of buying the JUMBO sized greenies meant for dogs over 100 lbs and monitoring him while he chews on that for a couple of minutes and then taking it away. I figured that there is no way he can tear off a big enough piece for it to exceed the size of the TEENIES sized ones and because I will be watching VERY closely the whole time. This is also to make him chew and flake off small pieces rather than gulping down chunks which defeats the purpose and might be unhealthy for him. He is not an aggressive dog and he never has a problem if I try to take food, treats, toys, etc away from him.

    Thoughts on this?
  2. eek i would say no to greenies period! I have heard horrible things about them on the dog board I lurk on. I have been buying my dog the himalayan dog chews and buy the large (even though he's small). They're kind of like an everlasting gobstopper. The other thing I heard was good was antlerz (I think this is actually how the company spells it)'s like a shaved down deer antler and they're supposedly loaded with glucosamine. Anyway, do a little googling on greenies to see if you still want to give them to your dog. I don't like all the fake stuff in them. Good luck!
  3. I don't like Greenies either. A few years ago, I tried giving them to Molly and she would almost always vomit hours later. Up came chunks of Greenie...which to me means that it wasn't being digested properly. I worried that the chunks could obstruct the intestines, so I never gave them to her again.
  4. I don't give my Chi greenies. He would break pieces off and choke on them which scared me so I stopped giving them to him. My parents dog either vomits or gets diarrhea after eating greenies.
  5. the same manufacturer makes a similar thing but theyre not "greenies"...theyre filet mignon flavored and i give them to my pom. she gnaws on them for a good half hour before theyre gone and they never make her sick.

    i also noticed i stopped giving them to her for like a month or so and her breath started to get really stinky (even though she constantly chews on rawhide) and when i started back up with them her breath isnt stinky anymore
  6. [​IMG]
    thats wat the bag looks like
  7. My dog never had a problem after feeding her Greenies. I use to get her the smallest size, but she always scarfed it down in like a minute or so. Now I buy the Greenies in a size or 2 up. The good thing about them is that it keeps her teeth clean and fresh. When I brought my dog to the vet, he was like wow, your dog has good teeth (keep in mind that I brushed her teeth 1-2x a week but gave her Greenies about everyday). Anyways, thanks for raising concern of Greenies, I will definitely check it out.
  8. ^Are you letting your dog eat the whole greenie in one sitting? She shouldn't eat more than the recommended size. I was talking about giving my dog a bigger size greenie but not letting him eat the whole thing, just a small amount that would be equivalent too the teenie size.
  9. Man my dogs do that too. They can eat those Greenies just like a regular small little Beggin strip! Thats why I don't buy them.
  10. My parents Shelties don't really have a problem with the smaller greenies but I don't think they eat them very fast.
  11. my dogs don't get Greenies, I've heard too many horror stories about them. Even since they reformulated them, I'm leery.
  12. ^ omg what picture is that in your avatar, that is too cute! i must train my Pom to do that.
  13. I feed my dog the ones for "teenie" dogs, even though he's 27 pounds (I believe the teenie size are meant for dogs under 15 lbs).

    Anyhow, he's had one a day for a few months now and he hasn't had any problems whatsoever. He's got a really tough digestive system though. Once, I left him at my mom's house so she could dogsit while I was at work and he stole a small bag of CHOCOLATE BROWNIES with MACADAMIA NUTS (which are very toxic apparently) and ate the whole bag. I was sooo worried, but he was totally fine. I'm not sure if he's perhaps just more tolerant than other dogs in terms of food.
  14. I won't get on my soapbox for this argument, but I've been feeding Greenies for YEARS and have never had one single problem. Now, I always supervise my hounds while they eat them... but I am a HUGE advocate for Greenies. I feed the regular to one hound and petite to the other.
    Usually the choking stories come from dogs eating a size that is too small. They gulp it down in two bites, it gets stuck = choking. With Greenies you HAVE to feed the right size. And if they are too expensive - find another treat. Don't buy a size down.