1. I went to the reference section and see a lot of vert anis and vert olive. Does anyone have any pictures they can post of bags in Vert Amande or a similar green? I would also be interested in forrest green (not sure of the H term for this green) tia
  2. There is a pic of Anna Kournikova carrying a 30 cm Birkin in this color posted somewhere, probably celebs and their bags.
  3. Found it
    Stars and Hermes post number 5289 Vert Amande
  4. I love Vert Amande. If I were to be looking for a green bag that is brighter than Vert Olive (which I love very much), I would pick Vert Amande. It's not in the current offering, I am afraid.
  5. Here's dark green boxcalf. Not sure of the correct name...

    This is with flash. It's very dark, a black green, without flash.

    green box bolide3a.jpg
  6. ^^is that vert fonce? I just saw a box plume in this color -- fabulous color!
  7. ^^thank you lulilu, that may be the name. The color chart reference for that color is in togo and doesn't look like mine. The "forest green" croc looks a bit closer.
  8. Oh Katel! Stop showing off every amazing, rare, disc. color in boxcalf that you have, and which I am desperately craving....It is just cruel, :p! I agree MrsS, I too have been looking for a similar elusive green which I have not found.
  9. Katel, your Bolide is soo gorgeous :love:
  10. i know it's a lot to hope for but someday i hope we have reference threads of the color rainbow for each leather...maybe Santa will bring it!!!
  11. I do think that gorgeous box bolide is Vert Fonce. Here's a Fjord Birkin in Vert Fonce. Sorry, I don't have any pics of anything at all in Vert Amande!
  12. OMG!
  13. ^^ thank you ladies :heart: oh and that's good coming from you miss thalassa blue boxcalf Birkin woman! :p

    And the fjord Birkin in vert fonce is :heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. I just purchased a Bolide at the Madison store and mine didn't come with a set of keys??? Only a shoulder strap. Mine is a small 25cm(I think)?
  15. I just checked my bag,and I guess it is too small to have a lock! I should have got the larger vert anis bolide.