Green Zebra Wristlet!

  1. When I first saw the zebra line I was not a fan, but after awhile I really fell for it! I wanted the large tote, but that money went towards the gallery satchel :yahoo: So just to calm my butt down I bought the wristlet version of it, lol. I'm pining for the ponytail scarf of this too! Maybe one day. For now --


  2. Very cute! I saw a co-worker carrying that a few weeks ago and it was the first time I was drawn to it!
  3. LOL V. I think you've developed a green and white fetish :lol: Congrats on the new wristlet!!
  4. I love the's so different. Congrats, was that added in your updated collection shot? I don't remember seeing it. Everytime I see it at the outlets I always want the pink one. But, I need to save.
  5. I just got into green and it's beautiful! It's very funky! Congrats!
  6. Thanks girls! LOL sparkles I think youre right :shame: I dont know what it is but all of a sudden I have a real soft spot for that color combination!

    Pursefanatic No ma'am I completely forgot to put it in there! Oy :Push: I will include it in the group shot as soon as my satchel gets here!
  7. Very Cute! Congrats Abandon!
  8. That is such an adorable wristlet... congrats!
  9. So cute! I love the green zebra. I like it more than the pink!
  10. Congrats girl! I'm so happy to see you like it a lot! I hope you find your ponytail scarf too! ;)
  11. That's really a beautiful color I love it
  12. OMG! That's the first coach i ever bought! And so far, the ONLY coach i ever bought. But I love it. And use if for everything! Yay for zebra!
  13. aww that wristlet is so cuute
    i really wanted the pouchette in gold
    but it was wayyy too small
  14. Thanks everyone!

    martino Yeah I saw your wristlet thread! Thats so awesome, wristlet twins! LOL