Green with Envy

  1. :love:I love love love lime green, and greens in general, especially on a purse. If anyone knows of purses out there that are green, let me know. I'm always on the look out and I could use another set of eyes! Thanks!!!
  2. try There are apple green bags there.
  3. Yes , and I'm trying to coordinate a custom order on a Love Me Mini in the apple green LOL!
  4. L.A.M.B. has a nice green Glazed Love Capri and I just got a cute little green bag from Target for aound 20.00. Good luck looking.
  5. Mulberry has made bags in many shades of green. Good luck!
  6. Balenciaga has various shades of green bags.
  7. I saw some CRAZY lime green hobos at TJ Maxx! Some Italian leather brand! Very, very bright!
  8. Hey thanks everyone! I've been checking these places out, and have found some really cute bags. Muah!
  9. tano has some green bags and they are affordable for something you might not want to wear 24-7 for years :smile:
  10. ^ I agree! I picked up a really nice Tano bag in green for really cheap.
  11. Ooooooh FUN! Tano has some really cute purses!!!
  12. Bought my first Tano... and now we play the waiting game.....:upsidedown:
  13. Jerome Dreyfuss and Rebecca Minkoff are a couple of my faves in green.
  14. I just got a Holly Would in Ivy Green from Tano (it is actually about the color of this font). I love it. It's bigger than I thought it would be but the price was really reasonable for a large leather bag. I knew it was a hit when my cat decided she wanted to crawl into it. She has good taste.
  15. ^^ Congrats! Will you post pics?