Green Tinted Primers/Concealers

  1. I have quite fair, freckled skin that is very prone to redness. For years, magazines have told me to use a green tinted concealer to counter it. Living in the middle of nowhere, and not having much access to makeup beyond the counters in debenhams or my local chemist, I'd never been able to find it.

    However, I've recently discovered that it does actually exist, and can often be ordered online (or I can go down to London specificly to a shop that stocks it). But I don't know where to start.

    Can anyone recomend me a decent, green tinted primer? I've tried the Smashbox Photofinish Primer, and really didn't like it (waaaaaay too oily), and I'm currently looking at the Bourjois Lovely Base Redness Correcting Base - has anyone tried it? Is it any good? Are there any that you would swear by?
  2. I use Dior's DiorSkin Control Colors in the green shade. its not a concealer in the traditional sense, but it helps to 'diffuse' any redness.
  3. Benefit has many types of concealers and I know they have a green tinted one that may be a part of a set of concealers.