"Green"...THE Color For Spring '08 - Are You Ready?

  1. I happened upon this interesting article about hot colors for Spring '08.

    I don't own any green bags at the moment....and I'm not sure if I'm planning on it....I MIGHT have something in mind.....but I've always been worried about how neutral green can be with the every day..you know?

    Are you guys feeling the "green" theme? Or are you passing this one by?

  2. I really love how green looks with navy, and white, so I think it will be a great color for Spring.

    Denim and white shirts will look SO cute. I know that I'll be picking up a green bag for sure.
  3. A few days ago, I saw a green Marni bag, and I thought it was so cute! I can definitely see green as a spring color!
  4. Green is my favorite color so I am more than ready! I have an LV Borneo Green Epi Soufflot that took me FOREVER to find a decent one. I'd love to add another green bag to my collection!
  5. I am waiting on delivery of this Hayden-Harnett:

  6. what a coincidence, just got myself a beautiful green balenciaga! :smile: can't wait to use it
  7. Gorgeous! I may have to check out their site! :tup:
  8. I don't have a green handbag but have always worn a lot of green (lime green is one of my favorites), so this makes me happy. I also don't think this fashion trend is a coincidence with all of the talk of environmental issues going on these days. It's interesting to observe how politics influence fashion.
  9. I won't be buying a green bag this Spring

  10. Cute Bag!:tup: Love that shade of green!
  11. Green just happens to be my favorite color so I already have an emerald first b-bag so I'm all set:tup:
  12. Yes, I love green! Might have to change my search from a yellow bag to a green one! I have a green Giselle bag from Luella Bartley that I rarely use, might be time to get her out this spring....
  13. I love green, so I will definitely be sporting the color over Spring!
  14. Being a redhead, I wear a lot of green accessories. My fave green bag at the moment is my Bbag Vert Thyme City.