Green stuff on the white Ali?

  1. I've just noticed something odd about my white Ali. Only in one spot, around the gromets in the strap where the buckle, erm, buckles: there is green stuff. It almost looks as if someone traced them with a green pen, but obviously I know this is not the case. I took a soft jersey cloth and rubbed around each grommet and it came right off.

    Is it a product of the brass reacting to moisture in the leather or something? I've never treated this bag or conditioned it at all. I'm not disturbed enough to try returning or exchanging it - it came right off. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, or if anyone has a conclusive explanation.

  2. It sounds like maybe the grommets are copper (or have copper in the metal) and are oxidizing?? Could that be it? I'm trying to think if I've ever seen brass oxidize like that.