Green store fronts

  1. How cute is this!!!!!!

    I love it it's so totally different, there was a lot of press late last year about all the steps LV were making to be more environmental friendly this ties in beautifully
  2. I have the 2008 agenda refills and they have blurbs in there about how they are working on saving resources/environment. In addition to mentioning building "greener" boutiques and factories,shipping by sea rather than air, printing the refills on paper harvested from sustainably managed forests, using environmentally friendly vegetable inks, they mention cutting down on packaging. I believe that is why they often don't give boxes ( the savings for them is probably also a plus). Anyway i know that I always tell them no box if I am buying a purse. I wish they had a recycle program for their shopping bags - I must have 40 of them.
  3. the link didn't work for me, but that's great that LV is environmentally conscious. thanks for the info!
  4. for those the link doesn't work for
    green 1.jpg green 2.jpg green 3.jpg green 4.jpg green 5.jpg
  5. I really like it... espc the first cute
  6. I like it! It looks warm and nice and welcoming and friendly... (but that's what it's all about, isn't it, getting people in there because they are bees to the honey). I certainly would go and have a look inside...;)
  7. I LVoe it! What a great marketing tool!:tup:
  8. I LOVE it!!!! Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing Claire! :tup:
  9. that's so cute! looks like moss
  10. Those pics are so pretty. Thanks for posting!
  11. That is amazing! Kudos to LV!
  12. Interesting concept!
  13. Definitely looks good, really different! Glad they are doing their bit for the environment!
  14. very nice, I like it! Thanks for sharing!
  15. how cute is that? i'm loving it :yes: