Green Sticker on Zipper Pull?

  1. I noticed on an auction that the seller was going on and on about the bag having a green sticker on the zipper pull. Is this a sign of authentication? I don't remember having a green sticker on my pulls.
  2. New bags often come with blue plastic wrap on the zipper pulls.
  3. i bought my Trouville from the 5th Ave store, and it had the blue/green sticker on the zippers and metal corners.
  4. Some stores let the blue or green plastic protection on the zipper, post the auction's link
  5. Yeah all mine have come with the blue see through stickers around the zipper pulls and circles around the snaps, if there are any. The MC Speedies came with a piece of clear plastic around the area where you can lock the bag as well. I've actually left a couple of them on, especially if they're on the inside of the bag, just to keep the zipper pulls from scratching.
    But yeah either post a picture of what it looks like or post the link to the's hard to tell from a description.
  6. I've only seen blueish ones on the zipper and greenish on the gold hardware if they are still there.
  7. Haven't seen the blue/green myself. I'd be interested in seeing the link to this auction. :smile: