Green Stam PICS

  1. Hi everyone! Check out my green stam - she's kind of a 'belated birthday present' to MYSELF :graucho: . I took pics without the flash, then with. The hue is a saturated kelly green, and it looks great with the gold hardware. It was between this and the blue... I'm glad I went for this one, bec. the blue was a bit 'electric' for me. I can't wait to bust her out with my summer dresses and espadrilles.
    stam1.jpg stam2.jpg
  2. Wow!! Gorgeous!!! Where did you get this baby?! Congrats!!
  3. beautiful bag
  4. actually, here's a slightly bigger pic...
    stam closeup.jpg
  5. I bought her at the MJ store in LA, thanks to everyone's fave SA Stella!
  6. breathtaking! thanks for sharing pics of your lovely new bag. congrats!
  7. What a great color for the summer! Congrats and do you know the official name for this bag?
  8. gorgeous! the color is just perfect for summer!
  9. Love it!!! Green is my favorite color and it looks so great on the Stam!!!
  10. it's gorgeous!! congrats!!
  11. i love the green! congrats on your beautiful baby :wlae:
  12. I love that colour!
  13. Congrats! the colour is awesome and rich! :flowers:
  14. Congratulations it is beautiful.
  15. Beautiful! Congrats!