Green St Louis Personalization colors help needed!

  1. So I stopped by Barneys tonight and decided on the green St Louis pm tote :smile:

    I think I want pink on green letters for my initials, but now I'm stuck on what colors to get for the stripes. The sales associate is going to have the paint studio make a mock up for me with the letter and pink/silver/pink stripes but I was also thinking maybe navy/silver/navy or navy/white/navy?

    Does anyone have a green Goyard with color combs they can post? Or if anyone has other suggestions, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. bump, pretty please some ideas? :biggrin:
  3. I used my computer's program that allows me to use different stripes on the bag I bought. You can do the same, just download a picture of the green St. Louis tote and play around with the colours Goyard has available to you.
    I spent many hours playing around with the different colours. You can see my pink Goyard under my profile!

  4. So any updates? Did you decide? Any photos?