Green Spy bag-where 2 find one?

  1. Help! Can anyone direct me to a site or know, if possible, where I can get a green Spy bag. I have the Blueberry and the Tribal so far and I am dying for that gorgeous green. Any info would be appreciated.:shrugs:
  2. FG - the green spy came out in 2005 and was discontinued. SAICH & BAL ordered custom made green spys fron FENDI & they are gorgeous! You may also be able to find one on eBay as a resale item...but Authentic ones do not show up but once in a long while and not always in great condition. :tup:
  3. Like Baglady said you might be able to find one on eBay.

    but you can have one made just from you, I am in the UK and BalenciagaLove is in the US both of us had our green spy made by Fendi, we put a order in with Fendi of London - 6 months later the new spy arrived. They are made by Fendi in Italy and only cost a little more than a normal leather spy at retail. If you want any more info let me know.