Green Smerald Suede CL Rolandos

  1. I have been searching high and low for the electric blue suede rolandos but alas only one store in the US purchases these, and they are already sold out - they literally sold out in a matter of days. So because I didn't grab the blue rolandos when I first saw them, I couldn't let these emerald green rolandos get away too! I am still going to get the blue ones, but I feel that these are so pretty and perhaps a bit more practical than electric blue. I picked these up from BG this afternoon if anyone is interested! They also have the electric blue pigalle and fuschia pigalle (4" heel).
    PICT0001.JPG PICT0002.JPG PICT0003.JPG
  2. You have one of the best shoe collections Kamiila. Congrats on your green Rolandos. They look great. I love Rolandos and I'm hoping to find them in black leather someday.
  3. Lawchick - thanks, I really don't buy anything else but CL shoes. It is my only indulgence and boy do I love it. I think that I have seen the leather rolandos at the CL boutique recently - try the NYC locations.
  4. Kamilla, they are stunning! Can you tell me how do they fit compared to the simple pump or the decollete(spelling)? I am mostly concerned about the fit in the toe box. Thanks in advance!
  5. wow love them! did u see any new 3" cl's there???
  6. Beautiful! Ohhh how I covet your collection:heart:.

    I love the way you got the green ones to hold you over until you can get the blue :roflmfao:
  7. I am speechless .. wow. congrats on the purchase these are a lovely green :heart:
  8. kamilla, i love those!!!!! congratulations on another fabulous purchase!
  9. Irish - the sizing on these is very strange. I originally tried on the blue rolandos in a size 39 and they fit perfectly, and so I figured that I would get the green ones in the same size - so I didn't even try them on in the store. I went ahead and got the 39, when I got home to try them on. They were literally slipping off my feet, I am going to change them for a 38.5. I wonder if the colors were made in different factories because of the sizing issue. But I would recommend at least a .5 size larger than you normally wear, since this is generally the issue with the decolletes, I think that you should go with the same size as the decolletes.
  10. Thanks everyone! I recently made a few returns - the black suede hercule and the brown suede boots so I figured I would splurge on these.
    Angelie - I did see a lot of 3" CLs but I didn't pay much attention - BG has a large selection of 3" heels.
  11. thanks girl i'll call them and c what they have:smile:
  12. Those are gorgeous. I don't usually like suede, but I find those stunning.
  13. So beautiful :smile:
  14. Honestly....i think I like the green better than the blue.
    These are soo hot! They look great!!!
  15. Congrats on the great shoe! I'm not a big fan of the Rolandos and family, but the suede ones are def more striking than the leather ones. Esp for fall!

    And the green ones are the perfect shade! If I owned these, I'd do them with my LV green Epi speedy for fall with a muted gray dress. Delicious!