Green Sequin Purse Paris Shanghai...Should I? it is TDF!!!

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  1. This bag is just GORGEOUS! Should I buy it? I need to make up my mind quick only 2 left in the country. :shrugs::sweatdrop::shrugs:

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  2. It is a nice bag, but with the price tag I will pass..

    I dont know, it doesnt seem worth it!

    Good luck with your decision!
  3. I am not too crazy about it.
  4. See, that's what I am feeling about it. I still have not used the last 3 I have bought. This is definitely the kind of bag to have tea with the Queen or something. I am just a parent volunteer at my kids school! Haha
  5. I will pass this too. :nogood:
    According to my SA, Chanel will not replace the sequin should they "drop" out of it.
  6. Hahaha, def tea with the Queen.

    With what you just said, I think you shld pass it up for now and keep it for something else.

    Also if they are not going to replace the sequin you will need to baby it..

    Not my ideal bag.
  7. I love the one in red but too pricey and too fragile!
  8. I think it's really gorgeous. If money is not a problem then you should get it. But if you fell the bag's not worthed then you should pass
  9. i am not a fan of it.. but if you like it.. GO for it!
  10. I can afford it, but when I buy bags I try to be smart and make sure it is a good investment. From the comments so far it sounds like I would take a loss when I decide to move on. I greatly appreciate everyone's honesty! I am known to purchase on a whim when I think something looks beautiful :biggrin:
  11. ^ it's good that you have good control of yourself. Buy something you really really like and that is worth the buy.
  12. I would pass.
  13. No way! Unbelievable!!
  14. Yes it is :shrugs: He advise not to get this unless you really really love it!
  15. It doesn't appeal to me OP, but if you love it go for it.
    it's about what makes your heart sing