Green Roxanne

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  1. I just called Bergdorf Goodman's to see if they had an oak Roxanne marked down, and they didn't, but they had a green Roxanne for around $347 if anyone's interested. The number is 1-800-558-1855, ext. 8801.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Tammy!
  3. Did you get it? :biggrin:
  4. Wow, that is a great price! I love the Roxanne in green. But I just bought a green Balenciaga :love:
  5. Wow, bargain! Are you sure it was the Roxanne? Maybe is was the smaller one? Mine was on sale and it was over $600.
  6. She said it was the Roxanne and that it was on the third markdown. I know, the price is unbelievable.
  7. I'm thinking that it has been handled, handled, scratched and handled some more from being on the sale table....
  8. See what happens when it is conditioned by them, shop around a little and look at it again. It may be a gem in the rough!
  9. I got one mid december and i love it (apple roxanne)! Going to post pictures of it and my other beautiful bags soon!
  10. No, I can't. I just bought an oak Rosemary!
  11. I just spotted an apple green Roxanne at NAP on sale for $731.50! You get it, guys!!! lol
  12. Here's a pic of it.
  13. BTW oddly the hardware on mine is a little darker. Here they look bright gold, but mine is more tarnished.
  14. Did anyone jump on this?
  15. I think that was a great price, is anyone getting THIS?:nuts:
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