Green Reissue - Spring/Summer2008 Collection

  1. Hello Ladies...:girlsigh:

    I have a question...

    I have the Cruise Catalogue infront of me, and on page 3 there is a green "lama diamond quilted wallet" shown and I was wondering if there will be a reissue (or maybe even classic) in this colour,green?

    I read in the other thread about the new reissue colours that there will be a green, but I wanted to know what kind of green there will be...

    Does anyone have pics of the "new" green?

    I would love to show u guys the pic of the green wallet, but unfor. I dont know to do that as I cannot safe pics from the chanel site. But its deff. on the Chanel Site.

    I hope someone of u girls can help me...:okay:


  2. i'm not sure but it's probably in metallic and a dark green color if i remember correctly.
  3. ^ yup, metallic green, purple etc. The perfo EW do come in bright green similar to lama DQ wallet. Not sure if it's sold out or still in stock.
  4. Love that wallet !!
  5. yummy! i can't wait to see the green metallic color
  6. Here you go ladies-the llama skin wallet. That is a beautiful green shade~drool~

    llama skin wallet.JPG
  7. I love that colour of that Wallet....

    Is that the metallic green u mean?? There will be a bag coming out with THIS colour as shown above....... would be sooooooo nice!!:nuts:

    Are u sure?
  8. I was told that there will definitely be a metallic green. It was described as a dark, unusual shade, whatever that means. Haven't seen the colour myself. Sorry can't be of more help.
  9. All I can say is I'm in love. I hope they come out with a bag in that color, because I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  10. I would love to have a flap in this color! The one pictures does not look metallic, but I love that shade of green :tup:.
  11. wow that green is fabulous
  12. Nice wallet....:smile:
  13. beautiful wallet! i love this shade of green...looking forward to see it on a reissue...
  14. lovely green. normally wouldn't like a green bag, but this color is nice.
  15. Hmm, the green reissue is supposed to be a dark, metallic shade of green (makes me think of forest, or hunter green). The green of the wallet is very pretty... if the reissue happened to be like that, with some gorgeous metallic iridescense, I think that would be sooo pretty! :love: