Green Reissue Any Pics????????

  1. I have been hearing soo much about the other reissue colors especially purple and navy(which I love) but green is my absolute favorite color and I really am anxious to see it!!! I really want to know if its the same green that came in the bubble quilt!! I wills urely be sold... Also what size is it coming in??? Please someone!
  2. I saw a swatch of the metallic green for the reissue, and it is not the same color as the bright green BQ bags. It is a sort of light olive metallic (?). Sort of hard to describe, but I loved it.
  3. I saw a swatch today @ Beverly Hills - Its really really pretty!
  4. It is a bit darker than mint, if i am not wrong. Has a slivery sheen to it.
  5. =O
    cant wait to see it
  6. Saw the swatch last week, it's kind of a medium silver with a slight green tint.

    I thought it was very pretty!
  7. I love green. is there no picture yet?
  8. i remember there was a wallet in green in here somewhere. Is it the same green for the reissue?
  9. it's a very pale green imo. this color was the only swatch that got my attention when i flipped through the lookbook at nm this weekend. i can't wait to see what it looks like on the whole bag. might be a perfect bag for spring/summer...
  10. Hmm you all have been very helpful... I was hoping it would be really rich like the purple and navy reissues!
  11. Pics Pics Pics!
  12. yes, pics please if anyon ehas one as this bag sounds great!