Green Python Sabrina Leaving Stores!

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  1. So my local boutique SA called to tell me that the Green Python Sabrina (and all of the exotics) are leaving stores next Thursday before the launch of Bonnie to go to Corporate! As we all know, those rare bags do not go to the outlets unfortunately... OH NO! what to dooooo :nuts:
  2. Those bags are so nice I wish I could fit one in my buget. It would be nice to find one in the outlet lol.
  3. Oh no, I was so hoping that I would get lucky one day and find one at the outlet :graucho:

    I would just die for that purple/plum ostrich sabrina!!!!! :nuts:
  4. Why do they not get sent to the outlet?
  5. ^Yeah, I was wondering the same thing?
  6. If they dpn't get sent to the outlets, what happens to them?
  7. I've seen that one in person! Someone returned it to my local store, and they brought it out so I could see it. I was scared to touch it!! LOL
  8. ^ I bet it was gorgeous in person! :drool: :drool:
  9. Yeah, what happens to those bags? Those sabrinas are TDF.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.