green PYTHON Muse <OMG!!!>

  1. Just noticed this on Kill me now!

    green python muse.JPG
  2. [​IMG]
    python bigger.JPG
  3. Stunning!
  4. OMG, kill me also!!!!! It's drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!!!:drool::drool:
  5. :nuts:
    Absolutely Gorgeous!
  6. WOW! It's very gorgeous!!!
  7. It's amazing, and green is your favorite color, too, isn't it? If there were an OS available, I'd be very worried for you!
  8. What a great color!
  9. I love the color!
  10. Shazam, so sweet of you to remember that green's my favorite color. :flowers: (Lol, my DH can barely remember my favorite color.)

    It's true that I generally prefer the Oversize Muse, but in python, I think the Large is just right. Python OS might be a bit much.

    $3,295 is a lot, but it is an exotic afterall.... Hmmm.... I have been thinking about buying a new Chanel reissue that's coming out in dark green for spring, and that'll cost around $2,500, so in comparison, the Muse price isn't so bad... And maybe the python Muse will go on SALE. :nuts:
  11. WOW! gorgeous color!!
  12. wow, it's beautiful. and you always spot the best stuff!
  13. Oh wow! What a bag!
  14. Wow, it's stunning!
  15. WHOA. gimmieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!