green pocket bag

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  1. I have this bag- LOVE the leather... it's lambskin and oh so soft! I hate that it picks up stains like nothing else though... see that stain on the back? yeah, it cant be prevented... mine has the exact same issue.

    I still use mine often though- it holds a LOT and the stain is on the back so it's not a big deal. I love how it's kind of funky and unusual. I get lots of compliments whenever I carry it- but I wish I had bought it in black, less problems with the stains. :-/
  2. I love this color too!!! Thanks for the info Mocean!!!! I would love one in black!!! What is the bag called?
  3. I *think* it's called a four pocket travel tote... but that's just what it's commonly called- I'm not sure it's technical name.
  4. ^^^Thanks!!!
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