Green Peyton.... not really impressed


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Hi all-

Why do I get my hopes up???

Okay, I took a chance and ordered yet another unseen. I was in Vegas this weekend and I wanted to use my PCE on a Peyton. I initially thought I would get a teal Lindsay, but I changed my mind. She was GREAT but I liked the way the Peyton fit on my arm. I debated during lunch at the Cheesecake factory and then for another 30 minutes in the store whether to get atlantic, bottle green, or pink. I finally chose the green because the clutch in green is a really vibrant color and I thought it would really pop against my clothes. Tried to order it and they told me no. Then an hour later I stopped in another Coach (at the prompting of my friend) and they said yes, so I ordered it. Maybe I should have just take the first no as a sign I really didn't need the bag.

The bag I got is dull in my opinion. I wonder if I take it in to Coach and have them order another one if the leather will be any brighter.

Anyway, here is she. THe first pic is with no flash and is more true to colors than the latter pics. She looks bright with the flash, but not so much in person.

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Feb 14, 2008
I saw a pic in the lookbook and it did look brighter than this, I think the atlanti cand oink look better in this style bag.
Jan 2, 2008
Yeah, the green does look a lot duller, thats really too bad, sorry this happened to you... hopefully you can either order another one or else get it in a different color that you will like better! :yes:


Jan 1, 2008
I'm really sorry that happened.

I am really hesitant to order any bags sight unseen anymore. The last one I did was my Suede Patchwork Legacy, but I had it shipped to the store just in case I didn't like it. Thankfully I was more than smitten with it, but I was ready to be disappointed since the last Patchwork Hobo (silver one) and the Legacy/Denim Shoulder Bag from last season.

I honestly don't think another one will be a brighter shade of green. Maybe try another color or maybe another bag?


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Dec 1, 2006
Hmmm... I actually think I prefer it in that shade to the bright, more lime-y one in the other picture. :yes: It looks like the actual color you received would work better year-round, whereas I think maybe a brighter or lighter green would not.

I think it is a very pretty bag, but if you don't love it maybe consider another color. :thinking:
Jul 25, 2007
Im sorry it wasnt what you were expecting - Ive had that happen SO many times w/Coach that its not funny anymore! However, I have to say that I really like that color green. I would choose that color over the other green shade that you posted for sure, but if you are not happy with it after a few days, definitely return it. Too much $$ to not LOVE it!

mary G

Oct 14, 2007
I reallly like that color! I order her in green and and its coming today I was going to pick it up! I think I will like it! I will let you know if mine is a diifernt shade but I think I like this shade!
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Jessica Val
May 16, 2008
if you apple and buff it, will it have a little more shine? it won't get any lighter but it might be slightly glossier and richer?

hope you'll reach a happy decision soon! :heart:

ps. i think the pink peyton is the most outstanding colour amongst them, followed by atlantic...