Green Perfo Cles

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  1. Is this a good buy? What does everyone think? TIA!
  2. Definitely! I have mine and love it. At first, I used it for ID cards, subway cards, and kept a few dollars in it but now I use it for my iPod Nano. :tup:

    Oh, and it's also bigger than a regular cles so it's roomier!
  3. It's a very nice cles!
  4. i really want one. i am kicking myself for not picking one up sooner!
  5. Buy it! I own it and love it. It is roomier than the other cles and is a Limited Edition!
  6. all their cles are really cute. I use mine for change. I have the pomme vernis. I have the pochette plat in orange perf that I use with my orange perf Speedy. Can you tell I like the perfs!
  7. me too, I really wanted one in any color!
  8. Thanks everyone! I just bought one from fashionphile.
  9. I love my Perfo cles.
  10. Do you have a picture of it? I'm curious to see what it looks like :smile:
  11. Unfortunatly...the one I bought is no longer online, but this is what it looks like.
  12. I have one in orange and I love it. So useful and much bigger than the regular cles.
  13. I like how it's a bigger & can fit more stuff into it. Very cute! Thanks for posting the picture ;)
  14. I love the colors they have, and the style! Plus it does fit more!
  15. congrats on the green perfo! I have the exact same one and it is soo cute yet super roomie :yes: