Green Patent Quilted Bay in action - anyone got one ?

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  1. Do any of you own a Green Patent Quilted Bay ? I'd love to see one in action.I've never seen one in any of my usual retail haunts here in London, but I've noticed that quite a few of these bags are popping up in winter on-line sales. I'm wondering if this is just a 'novelty' bag that might end up getting consigned to the back of the wardrobe after a few airings (either that or being sold on eBay for a much reduced sum) or is it a gorgeous piece of eye-candy that you never want to put down ?:confused1:

    :heart:All my other Quilted Bays are quite conservative colours and it's such a timeless style that I imagine I'll be using them for years to come (I'd better do considering how much they cost). That said, I keep going back to look at the green patent version on-line and given I've just sold off most of my Mulberry collection ( my love affair with Mulberry is definitely a thing of the past), I have just about enough in my coffers to bag it.

    :sWhat should I do ...step away from purchasing another Bay that I don't really need and might only use a handful of times or take the opportunity to buy a very funky,much reduced version of my favourite bag style of all time (for now):confused1: ? Your thoughts please ladies and if any of you own the bag in question, please post a photo for me.:smile:
  2. Haven't you just bought the black patent and sworn it was the last time for the time being???
    Just kidding, I don't like the green, I am pretty conventional when it comes to colours...
    Perhaps you could wait until you get the black, see how you like the patent... and if the green still attracts you, wait for a real bargain in January...
  3. :yes:Yes and :yes:Yes to your first two questions Maria, but that's the nature of bag addiction and sales that are too good to resist!;) I'd still really like to see a Green Quilted Bay in action before / if I take the plunge. I did think about waiting for the Jan sales but in true obsessive addict form,I'm worried that the bags on sale right now will have disappeared by then (but there do seem to be a lot of them about, so maybe they are an acquired taste..or no-one likes them except for me:rolleyes:!)
  4. I understand your worries...
    Well, try to see it IRL to check how you feel and go for it if you can afford it...
    Do you have a favourite among your Bay family?
    In September, I was allowed to wear a canelle quilted for a week and I just loved it... a bit too big, but it was easy to get used to it because it was gorgeous:heart:
  5. :heart:My favorite Bay ? That's a difficult question. At the moment I'm using my silver metallic one (Argent ?) quite alot but probably my original purchase ,the Black (Noir) is my all time favourite. I've used it a billion times and the leather is now gorgeously smooshy & soft:love:. Also getting the first one was such a thrill.I saw it on an advert and kept the cutting in my (Mulberry) bag until I couldn't resist making the purchase any longer. Haven't actually used the Moka yet but adore the look of it and the White (Blanc) is fab for summer but not so good for Autumn/Winter.Typical of me to fall in love with one of the most expensive designs Chloe make.

    I also have a Whisky Edith satchel with shoulder strap that I just HAD to have and has subsequently only been out of its dustbag once.I love the look of the bag itself but the shoulder strap makes it look a little clumsy and I carry too much stuff around to carry a bag by hand. I don't think I'll ever part with it but it wasn't the smartest purchase I ever made:shrugs:.
  6. oooh... I am in love with the edith in whiskey... in fact, it will be my next purchase... I saw a dark brown edith IRL and I just had to inspect it, so I asked the lady and she even allowed me to hold it...:love:
    I have only three designer bags (soon to be 4) and I take them out very often... the mini paddington is a clear favourite, but I make sure they all get their fair share of sunshine...:yes: although I have to hide some of them when I am meeting certain people who may nag me for getting another expensive bag...:push:
  7. Tag you have a collector's heart. A true collector wants a model of every color and shade because they love it so much. Practicality tends to fly out the window.

    Personally I think the green is groovy! I look at purses as a form of jewelry in all honesty. It's an adornment used to enhance your outfit. So if the mood strikes and you want to add that special piece to give you some flair, green patent can be a wonderful solution.

    There is that fabulous patent Bay hand satchel, (it's the squat E/W bag on LVR's S/S 08 webpage) that comes in patent. This can be a viable additon to your Bay collection??? Just a thought. However I don't know if it comes in green but I'm sure they'll introduce other wonderful colors?

    However I don't think I answered your question. I would watch, watch, watch that Patent Green bag and get it at a rock bottom price.
  8. :flowers:Thanks for that Susie - now I don't feel quite so insane for wanting to add yet another one to my collection ! Do you think the bags on Aloha Rag will go down any further ? I've only just become acquainted with this website, so I don't know if they're likely make any further reductions (it's $1,115 at the moment).:shrugs:
  9. Susie - you are such a temptress:lol: ! Thanks for the link to the Sacoche version. I had a look but it's not the style of Bay that I'm after...still hankering after that one on AR though:drool:.
  10. AR's COULD go on sale for 50% off sometimes soon. I would be checking it every day - many times - religiously.
  11. I'm loving the green patent too. Havent been tempted by Chloe in years but I'd love a green patent bay!
  12. I actually went ahead and bought the Green Patent Bay and I LOVE it :love:(it's even better IRL :girlsigh:!). I've actually posted a photo of it in the main CHLOE subsection of TPF - the thread is titled 'Meet the newest member of my Bay family'. If you're still keen on getting one, I think LVR might have some in their sale.
  13. If you're seriously looking for one, there is one at the Chloe Boutique in California and they will ship. They've got one left and best of all, it's 50% off!

    (714) 481-0308 was $2100/ now $1050 ask for Claudia