Green or Saddle Peyton??? Which one do you prefer???

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  1. I can't believe I'm contemplating this, but I'm about to buy another Peyton!! Now I can't decide between the saddle and green colors!

    Ok, originally I thought I would buy the woven or editorial crimson Zoe, but decided that probably the editorial size is just too large for me (and it's not offered on PCE anyway, which turns me off). The Peytons can be purchased on PCE. I also realized I love this bag after carrying mine last weekend (although it does have a few annoying issues). I must say it's really terrific to have the dual compartments (one side for the laptop)!!! And since Lily has been discontinued... :crybaby:

    Here are my thoughts.... I really don't have a green bag (in Coach) that's quite the color of the green Peyton. I do have an emerald green color and of course the bottle green colors and juniper, that I can think of at the moment... so this lighter green would be a nice addition to the collection (it's really lighter than the stock photo, kind of an english pea color IRL). But is it too similar to the atlantic Peyton (similar color family)??

    I feel that the saddle color is more classic and more outfit friendly, but actually the SAs made negative comments about this color last weekend. They think the bag looks way too "plain" in brown, and I guess that's true. It's kind of a plain bag to begin with, but IMO those can always be dressed up!! However, another problem is I have a TON of brown bags. It's also it's probably less of a collector's piece IMO than a rarer color would be.

    So, I'm confused on which color I should get... :confused1: Of course if I decide in the next day or so that I can live with the woven Zoe, then I'll probably pass on another Peyton and just get the Zoe. I hate it when I keep flip flopping, but at the moment, that seems to be all that's happening!! :cursing:

    Here's the stock photo for the green Frances (it's the same leather and color code, so I'm sure it will be the same as the Peyton...but just keep in mind the green is actually a lighter green than shown).

    What do you think?? I don't care for the other versions in this bag...patent, suede, croc embossed, and calf hair... so only the leather ones are options for me. Oh, and I also do not want the white leather...or another gunmetal that will wear off again in one afternoon!! :nogood:

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  2. First of all I think the Peyton would be awesome in green specifically because it is a "plain" bag. I imagine the saddle color would make the Peyton a little boring. Also since you have plenty of bags in different shades of brown I would go for the green for sure.

    On the other hand you already have a few Peytons already so why not try the Zoe as you may love it (I don't personally prefer it)

    Oh and what do you find annoying about the Peyton specifially? Have you posted about it already and I missed it?
  3. The green is beautiful and I think you should get it! So, in conclusion, I think you should get the green peyton!
  4. Green!
  5. I am curious too as to what is annoying about the Peyton as I am also trying to decide between several bags....I have a $900 credit so I want to get something really good! Peyton, Hamptons Vintage Satchel or Hobo, XL Zoe with braided strap, or Legacy Tote...I love the Saddle Peyton, havent seen the green but if you already have 2 or 3 I would probably go for a different bag. It will probably only be a month or two before they release more..LOL!
  6. my vote goes for the really is gorgeous!
  7. Ha ha, I don't know why YOU'RE surprised, I knew you were going to get another one after you gushed over the first one. :P

    Go with the green. The color you describe sounds pretty!
  8. Definitely the green - I didn't know it was going to come in that color and thought the only green was the suede! I like the Peyton in a strong color so I vote for Green. This bag is really growing on me now especially with Baglady's great reviews and pics!! Hmmm, now my "two bags only" seems to have grown to 4 -yikes!
  9. I think you should try the editorial woven Zoe because you already have the Peytons. The leather of the woven Zoe is very soft, and it looks much smaller when it is filled and you are wearing it, I think. I have not liked big bags like the Elisa on me before, but this one somehow works. I like the saddle Peyton a lot; I think the color is very rich, but to me it sounds like you like the green better, so should get that if you are not going to get the Zoe; I think the green is very different than the Atlantic. I love the Peyton too, so you cannot go wrong. I would also love to hear what you do not like about your Peytons, as I have not decided on whether to keep mine yet.
  10. Yeah, what issues, young lady??? I need to know before I cut off these tags! :smile:)
  11. If you are going to get another peyton I vote green. It truly is too boring in brown....and I'm one to like boring bags usually :smile:

    That being said, I love that editorial woven zoe and wish I could get it myself, are you sure you wont' be kicking yourself down the road for not snatching that one up instead?
  12. I say go with the gorgeous green peyton :tup:!
    p.s. I can't wait til I can say...well, I don't have that exact shade of green in a Coach bag yet, lol.
  13. Get the Green, the color is beautiful!

    I have several Peytons and the Woven Editorial Zoe. I don't have any issues with the Peytons, it's very comfortable on my shoulder or in my hand. I L:heart:ve the double handles, double sections, exterior storage and the overall 'plain-ness' of this style.

    I haven't carried my Zoe yet, but I have played with her around the house, all signals are go!
  14. #14 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    Thanks everyone! I just wanted to come back and answer a couple of questions regarding what I find to be a pain about this bag. IMO they are minor (most bags I do find to be a pain in at least a couple of ways, and I just deal). The big one here are the straps. I never liked rope straps as a general rule, and not only are these a bit "spindly" for the bag, but they are a bit annoying. They are an excellent length, though, but just that any rope strap cuts into your shoulders after a while. These are padded, so it's not too bad...but you get the point. Also I find that the rope straps slip more because they don't sit there as well as the flat. If you have a lot of stuff in the bag (I generally don't), and it doesn't slouch or fold inward, then you might have some issues with slippage. However IMO this bag is much better than the Lindsay. I had tried both bags at the boutique and hands down chose the Peyton.

    The other issue is the placement of the handles. IMO they are not fastened in the greatest position, and with weight in the bag, they kind of pull the leather up where it makes the bag look a bit ugly. This is a thicker leather than the Legacy or Hamptons, so it's not too bad, but my original gunmetal was the worst because that's the thinnest leather. Now I mostly see this on my fuchsia bag, which the leather is a lot softer and less rigid than the atlantic. Mostly you see this from the back side,'s not really bad looking in the front because of the pocket seam that kind of hides it.

    Another issue, again minor, is that on my atlantic (and also the gunmetal bag I had), the belt straps keep wanting to come out. I find this REALLY annoying. I try to tighten them, but the leather is so thick and stiff on the atlantic that it won't stay. I guess the metallic finish was too slick for the gunmetal too. I don't have this problem with the fuchsia, though. Actually I was always annoyed because this design just seems like they cut cost compared to the buckles like on the Lily.

    And finally, of course my real annoyance is again I think basically just a cost cutting measure on Coach's part (while jacking up the retail price) is the "limited edition" issue. This is only stamped on the hang tag...NOTHING on the creed, and no enclosed info card regarding production count or anything else. I've already touched on all this in my previous "do you feel cheated by Coach" thread, but I just wanted to mention this again briefly here. I've made numerous attempts to get this info directly from Coach, but they can't give it to me because the bottom line is that they are going to continue to make these as long as they can spin the bag as a "limited edition" and get people to buy them. It's ok for me because I got my bags on PCE, and I think $600 is very reasonable for this bag, especially with the size, leather, and Legacy stripe lining. The $200 per bag saved takes the sting of the LE BS out of it somewhat...and they are beautiful bags!!

    The bottom line is that although I've brought out a lot of possibly negative points, I still think this is a great bag. I just don't believe in painting a rosy picture for something when there are aspects that I (or others) find annoying...or may be a deal breaker to some. This is all may feel completely different if you try this bag. Overall I think it's a pretty comfy on the shoulder for a satchel style bag, and at least they made the straps way long enough to have a great drop and easily fit on the shoulder. I think it's worth ordering and giving it a shot even if you are remotely interested!!
  15. Oh, I forgot to say that some of the colors scratch pretty bad. I think the atlantic is going to be worse than the fuchsia, but again, this is the old Bleecker burnished leather. It scratches pretty easily, but then you can either rub it out with your fingertips, or use conditioner.

    Positives for the bag too is that it's not too big or too small...and it has a LOT of expansion space. Without much in it, it really slouches and folds in, but there's so much space that if you need to cram it, then you certainly can. With the shape, I don't feel that it's an overwhelming size at all...and I'm just shy of 5'2". The weight is reasonable. I'll carry a ton of bricks and not complain, so I'm a bad person to judge the weight of handbags, but this one seems not extremely heavy or real light. Again, it's the thick burnished leather like the '07 Bleecker stuff. It will really depend on how much you pack in it.
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