green or pink?

  1. which would you rather- green or pink for a spring bag? what would match with more?
  2. Pink! Although I think a light green would probably go with most outfits as well.
  3. Both!
  4. Green!!!
  5. Not much into pink for bags... So I'll go with green
  6. What color pink and what color green? I'm not into light green, but a beautiful Tano Olive Green bag is gorgeous. I like pink too, but it has to be the right pink. I like a soft pink, myself. Fucshia is nice, but I don't know about every day. Check out these pics...:graucho:
    Pink.jpg TanoGreen.jpg
  7. Pink! I have my pink MJ that I have used everyday....with every outfit :smile: But I agree with Jchiara that it depends on the shade of color.
  8. [​IMG]

    Here are my pink Stellas..

    I also have a few green bags.

    I really think either would work for spring... I think the green might take you more into fall... buuut you might not be concerned with longevity.
  9. I prefer green. IMO pink can look young. It can also look like a girly girl which isn't me. Both go with a lot of colors and only seriously clash with a few you it really depends more on your personality.
  10. Gawd, jchiara and Luna, you guys have gorgeous pink bags!!!!! I am sooo jealous!!!! I just got a new cream bag for spring, but now I want a pink bag!!!

    jchiara, love the green bag, too!!! Gorgeous!!!!

    So here's my answer: pink, unless you see a gorgeous green bag like jchiara's....or a pink Stella like Luna...on jeez, just get two!!!
  11. At the moment I am really into pink. So I'd definately get a pink bag (I have some, but I would not mind getting more...)
  12. I love both, but if I had to choose, I would go with green. I have a green MJ Venetia and a pink MJ Blake, and it seems that my Venetia goes with more.
    MJ bags.jpg
  13. Pink!!!
  14. Love both colors equally.
  15. pink prada-green gucci both at same price about 400 (i missed the pink gucci)
    B05PR261303B75E-1.jpg B05G11C29G.JPG B05PR261303B75E5.jpg