Green Or Pink Denim Baggy Gm??


which one should I get?

  1. Green

  2. Pink

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  1. I've been thinking about this purse for a while now...... I think i like the green a little more, but the pink is definately growing on me. Which one do you think will be less dated/trendy??
    For the ladies who own anything from the denim line do you have any problems with the material??
    greenbaggy.jpg pinkbaggy.jpg
  2. I voted for pink cuz I think it's very high-spirited...but if yer going for something less trendy, I'd probably stick to the original blue denim...It's just my opinion, I personally don't really like the green, but don't mind what I say, buy whichever makes yer heart flutter! :biggrin:
  3. GO pink~~~!!!hohoho~~
  4. pink is very feminine, but the green would make a great fashion statement.
  5. I just bought the fuchia baggy gm a few days ago.

    I already have it in blue and also have the blue neo speedy. I have had no problems at all with the denim line. I love it. Its casual chic.

    I knew that I wanted a fuchia piece after seeing pics of members on the forum with theirs.

    I don't think that pink is too trendy. Its pink.
    As long as you don't over-do your outfits by trying to match with lots of pink stuff. Just let the bag make a statement. It gorgeous.

    when you go to buy it make sure you ask the SA to bring out several to choose from. Each bag has a different tint to it so look at a couple to see if you prefer it in the lighter fuchia or darker. I chose the darker fuchia bag available when I bought mine. I don't care for the washed out look.

    I am so happy that I bought mine. its a limited edition color you know? :yes:

    Buy the pink. It makes a statement. I really don't think its trendy.
    Purse Divas like us can rock a bag for ages and still make heads turn. :graucho:
  6. Pink! It's striking and easy to match, I wanted to get the green one but the color didn't grow on me as much as the Pink did.
  7. <<-------------I just got my Baggy GM in fuchsia this past Sat. the 10th, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: So pretty, and the color is so vibrant! Great for summer, and very feminine as well!! Very, very comfortable!! :smile: Which always is a plus for me.

    Here are pics of mine:love:

    Hmm, I didn't ask to see other bags for "color" preference. The first one the SA showed me my DH noticed some patina happening on the strap..(SA said it must've been out in the store somewhere being exposed to light..)we pointed it out. Yep, if you don't like the color have the SA bring you out different ones to choose from. Good idea!:idea:

    The SA went to get a brand new one w/ tape covering the gold zippers, and still had plastic on the strap. It was a beauty! Mine seems to be dark in color. IMO, perfect! Just right!:graucho:

    Good Luck on whatever you decide! I may get the green later on too! The color aside, this is a very nice, casual, very roomy and stylish bag!;) You can't go wrong!

  8. Yup. I noticed that your is darker like mine. I prefer it that way. The lighter ones look washed out.
  9. I originally thought the ones that were lighter/washed out were because they were old. I thought they all started off "somewhat dark". Hmm..:hrmm:

    So some are already lighter "brand new"?? I wonder if mine will ever get lighter "with time" the years go buy or whatever. I don't plan on using it for a yr. straight or whatever cuz I switch out the bags I use depending on my mood. I hope it retains its color...:huh:
  10. I'm not a pink person so I voted for green.
  11. i like the pink best! :smile: but i'm a very pink person in general.

    it sounds like you really like the green. go to store and try them on...bring home whichever one loves you back. :smile:
  12. I voted for pink:yes:
  13. I Love Both....If I Only Can Choose One ~ Pink!!! :smile:
  14. Get the pink, I just got thise bag in pink and I love it.:biggrin:
  15. Go for green :love:
    Pink is gorgeous too but the green is more versatile IMO.