Green or orange?

  1. I have less than 2 weeks to decide on my SO for my Birkin ... I'm torn between orange togo or vert anis chevre. I want gold hardware and the inside lining a different color. :yes:

    Should I order orange togo or vert anis chevre? I've always liked orange and really want one but I think that vert anis could round up my collection since I find that orange will be used in similar colors as my red and gold.

    Decisions, decisions! I can't order two so I'm juggling back and forth between the two colors. :confused1:

    TIA! :smile:
  2. I personally think that orange is a tad harder to find, but I've been seeing a good amount of vert anis chevre available lately. I personally would SO the orange togo and maybe get a vert anis later on if you see it on the shelf. If you do choose orange, what color lining are you thinking about?? Are you also doing contrast piping? I love those bicolor bags!
  3. I'm not doing the contrast piping in case I get tired of the bi-color.

    For orange togo -> raisin chevre lining
    For vert anis chevre -> Either dark blue or fuchsia chevre lining
  4. Oooh! Both really neat combinations!
    I can see your point about the bi-color potentially getting "old" at some point. A single colored exterior is also easier to wear with more things, I guess.
  5. i love the idea of a contrasting interior and skipping the contrast piping. that has never appealed to me.
    and i love green with blue.
    other than that, i can't weigh in much since while i like colorful kelly bags, bolides, plumes and picotins, i always like birkins best in black, gold, etoupe, etc. super neutrals.
  6. My vote goes to the VA's just beautiful and I use mine alot. I also considered orange, but with Rouge H and saffron in my collection I also thought it would be a bit redundant. In addition, I have a non-H orange bag - who's style I love - yet I rarely grab for it.

    VA!! Oh, as for contrast, between your choices I vote blue, but I saw a VA/prune agenda and it was 2DIE4!!:drool: Have you considered VA/raisin?
  7. ^^This is exactly what I'm thinking about orange or VA.

    Mmm ... haven't thought of VA/raising ... I gotta go to the store and check this combo out!
  8. Although I like the VA color, I personally love the orange for a bright pop - and it does seem to go with quite a bit IMO! I love the idea of another interior color too!! How about orange chevre? I have that and it's lovely...
  9. Wow, what a decision to have to make. Two of the most beautiful colors H offers. I love orange it has always been one of my favorite colors, but I would choose the Vert Anis, it is just so striking and can blend so well with other colors. I am a bit partial to VA, so it is hard for me to be objective:smile:
  10. LaVan, I didn't do the contrast piping too, for the same reason! I already have a bi-colour birkin with contrast piping, and I wanted something different.

    Think about the colour of the stitching that you want too. For example, with the orange togo + raisin combo, you can ask for raisin stitching.

    How about this, give both options to your SM and see what Paris ultimately decides to make for you! I gave 3 options and till today, Paris has not confirmed what to make for me.
  11. Orange. Vert anis may be harsh on your fair coloring...........................saw-wee.
  12. I love the orange. My kelly is orange, and I love it. I'm not hot on the greens I've seen.
  13. Funny, I'm very fair and I think the VA actually looks nicer on me than orange (which still doesn't stop me from toting my one bright orange bag! which is not H, sadly).
  14. Could you have orange with a vert anis interior, or vert anis with an orange interior? Orange and green are my favorite colours to combine.
    Think Hermes/Christofle. I love the look of those boxes together.
  15. LaVan, my vote is on orange. :smile: