green/olive satin CLs

  1. I was wondering what this color looked like because I was considering the olive satin Rolandos on I hate that they don't have a picture of it. Does anyone know a link to a picture of any CL that has this color?
  2. sorry but I can't seem to find pics. I have seen this color irl at my local NM store. its a nice color & if you really like the design of the shoe I say take it.
  3. It's a pretty, impactful color.
    It can be worn w/ many combos--dressed up and down.
  4. Here's the olive rolandos.
  5. shwing! if only it was patent it'd be beyond perfection
  6. Oh! That's a good idea... Olive Green Patent! :nuts:
  7. I think that color is more for Fall. I like it.
  8. When I saw this color it really jumped at me!
  9. That color is really beautiful! I agree it would be amazing in patent--M. Louboutin really should be reading this! (Well, having someone do it for him, and take notes!)
  10. Ah, I hate that I'm reconsidering my recent Rolande purchase because those are nice. Not what I imagined, but in a really good way. *Sighs* my size is gone.