green molding on gold chain...what to do?

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  1. i bought this used chanel bag on ebay, and when i received it, i saw green molding on the gold chain!!! its this light green stuff...and its powdery, i can wipe it off...but its in the crease between the chain and strap, i'm so frustrated! can i even get rid of it or is it going to grow and grow?
  2. help anyone? or can i go to chanel boutique? would they help me?
  3. Perhaps someone tried to polish the chain using a car wax type product. If it turns to powder and flakes off, that's my guess. You can use a q-tip or the softest small toothbrush. Dip the tip or brush in DRY Arm & Hammer to get into the tight spots and rub it off. Do it over towel so you can shake out what falls off the tip or the brush. Maybe others have another idea, but don't use a wet product as it may drip onto the leather.
  4. I know exactly what you're talking about! I took out a bag, that I hadn't used in 20 years, and noticed a tiny bit of green mold on one of the chains. I only noticed when I was using a magnifying glass, I can't remember why in the world I felt I needed to inspect my chain that closely, but anyway...

    I was shocked and a bit disgusted, so I tried some things like disinfectant wipes, alcohol, a Q-tip dipped into mold/mildew bathroom cleaner. It was an old bag, so I was a bit aggressive in cleaning. I did get a lot of the mold off, some tiny specks would not come out, I think it had eaten into the metal at that point.

    I think this happened because the bag was put away for so long. I have the bag out, in the fresh air, and no more mold has occurred. I have carried the bag on occasion, and completely forgotten about those left-over moldy specks, until I read this thread.
  5. I have had that green stuff on my old LV bags (20+ years old). I am very careful in keeping my bags cleaned with leather conditioner, ect. It is just something that can happen with older metals. I use a expensive metal cleaner that my husband bought for this inside of his Mercedes ( whick is his baby) that is like a white toothpaste gel. I use Q-tips to apply it and remove it. It works and maybe I need to do it once a year. This metal stuff can be used on all metals. My friend has used it on her Rolex watch too. I think if you go in to a hardware store you might also find a jewelry cleaner that you can use on metals. Don't use Clorox wipes or harsh chemicals, they can strip the metal finish right off. I don't know the name of this product right now, I will post it later tonight.
    Good luck.
  6. ^^ I want you to know I started off cleaning those moldy parts with more gentle cleaners. When that didn't work, I became more aggressive. :lol:

    Anyway, I now remember why I was using a magnifying glass. When I took this bag out of storage, it had a musty smell. I was using the magnifying glass to see if there was anything growing inside the bag. There wasn't, just on the chain. The leather actually smells very nice now, but that's another thread, explaining exactly what I had to do to get the musty smell out of a vintage Chanel bag.
  7. I think thats EXACTLY the state my bag is in! the hardware is shiny and new, and yet there was these spots of green mold and some spot got eaten away! most bizarre thing ever~ and the bag has the worse musky smell ever!! i think i should just wear it and wear it and expose it in fresh air all the time...hopefully it'll go away :sad: and i am also very curious as to what the name of that product is...thanks guys you are alotta help and comfort :smile:
  9. When I first took my bag out of storage and noticed how musty it smelled inside, I opened it up and left it in the open air for months. That didn't work, so I tried leaving it outside, in the fresh air, for a few hours every day during the summer. When that didn't work, I still didn't want to do anything too intrusive, like chemicals, so I put the purse inside another bag filled with cat litter. Have you heard about that? Martha Stewart says to use that method with musty smelling books.

    Anyway, that helped somewhat, but not enough... so that's when I had to resort to more drastic methods, such as chemicals and cleaners. I use this bag a lot now and it doesn't smell anymore. I could not carry a bag that had a smell to it.

    Try the airing out method... and then the cat litter... and then I'll tell you what other things I had to do to get the smell out. I did many things and each method got more and more of the smell out. I don't think it was just one thing.
  10. Do u think the green stuff is mould?? what a mystery!! Sounbds a bit yukky tho..I'm not a fan of strange micobaterial would be okay if it was my own bag tho
  11. Um, was the mold and musty smell disclosed in the auction? If not, you have recourse to file a complaint and get your money back. I would. Used or not, if the bag isn't in the condition the seller stated, email and politely explain. If that doesn't work and you used paypal, file a dispute, or better yet, if you used a credit card, file with your bank... you could probably do a chargeback.