Green Mini Paddington At Towson Nordies

  1. Saw the green, don't know the color name, mini Paddington with the silver hardware at the Towson, MD Nordstrom for 609.00 at 5 PM yesterday. They have other great bags there for the Anniversary sale.
  2. ahhh! it's on hold for me for my bday... i just called bc i'm home in PA for the week and my parent's are taking me to get it!

    she said it's jade and the paddy satchel with a strap... does ANYONE have pics? i just saw the above post, freaked and called without even knowing what it is!
  3. eek! leaving now to go get her... thank you SO much kattwoman42:yahoo:you made my bday extra special!
  4. Ooooh Jade is soooooooooo Pretty. hope it's the full size satchel and..


    remember to post pics when you get her
  5. What a wonderful birthday present! I love to hear about things like this. I had a similar TPF experience it absolutely shook my world. There are so many wonderful ladies on this board!

  6. there really are:tup:
    honestly, it made my bday so special walking into Nordies and having such a gorgeous bag there waiting for me... i don't have my camera home with my, but it's the MOST yummy bag, and i switched to it right away (sorry little stam) for the rest of the day... and to think my ysl OS muse arrives tomorrow... i feel so spoiled!
    thank you a million times girls for posting these deals, bc you'll always make someones day... hope i can do the same for someone soon:heart:
  7. I WANT the Mini-Paddy!!!!!
  8. It's my local Nordies and I never seem to be able to find deals like that! I'm so glad it worked out for you!! YAY for a new bag!