Green Luxury

  1. Dear fellow purse (shoes and accessories) lovers,

    I am currently writing my Bachelor dissertation about the communication of green issues in the luxury industry. For this dissertation I have created a survey on this topic and I would really appreciate it if as many of you as possible could fill out the survey and maybe even spread the link (

    Of course I am also open for any topics, ideas etc which I could include in my dissertation.

    Thank you for your support!!

    Louise Vuitton
  2. Interesting! I am also completing my Bachelor Honors dissertation, but in international environmental policy and resource management. Are you actually studying environmental science/studies?
  3. No, I'm actually studying Public Relations. So the main focus of my dissertation is the communication of green issues, i.e. if luxury companies which are caring about the environment communicate this enough to make people aware of it. And of course it is important to know if luxury customers care at all, so that the brands can use their green credentials to add value and as a source of competitive advantage. It's a case of "Do good and talk about it".