Green Loop KeyChain

  1. Anyone know how much these are going for at the outlets? and what was the original price?

  2. I can check for you today if no one else knows.
  3. I saw a light blue one at the outlets yesterday. I believe it was $24 or $26.
  4. I have that one! I got it at the Tilton NH outlet for 9.99:yes:
  5. thats cute!
  6. Nice price!

    I wasn't aware there was a Coach Outlet in Tilton, NH. I went to the one in Kittery, ME.
  7. Yep it's the only one I've been to. They just moved to a bigger space. I just found my dream hobo there 2 weeks ago.
  8. Where did you put it? cause I was going to get it and use with my car keys.
  9. it's on my car/house keys . It makes it easy to carry the keys because i loop it over my fingers. I have the turnlock valet keyring and its on the side w/ my house key. I also have the virgo keyfob on the side with my car keys.
    my keys are huge and loud and have more coach stuff on them than keys but it works for me.
    Id post a pic but i cant figure out how...hth. :smile: