Green Karat

  1. I have been looking at rings online lately, and I like things that are a bit different. I came across this site actually a while ago, before I got married and was just engaged. I thought it was such a great concept. Ethical jewelry! And it is just beautiful... I really want this, with a yellow diamond... Now I just need to figure out how to get it!
    Gatsby Redux.jpg
  2. Some other beauties on the site. They don't only do bridal jewelry.
    Dune.jpg Forn Sed.jpg Lacy Heart.jpg Lobed Leaf.jpg
  3. One more!
    Bamboo Bridal Set.jpg
  4. greenkarat does do bridal -- i just looked at their website.
  5. Oops, sorry! I meant that they also do everyday jewelry.
  6. got it. i think i read it really fast!