Green Hogan on sale at NM

  1. Is it like a deep, metallic green or is it the flash that gives it shine?
  2. its actually a nice color!
  3. BittyMonkey -
    Thanks for posting this link since you can't get to it from the NM homepage....just ordered it in green and hopefully, I will fall in love with it as well. Have no idea about the size (noticed that you mentioned it was about 15" wide). Since I've never seen the bag - will it look stupid if it's not filled (I don't carry much) and will it fit comfortably on the shoulder? You would think I would ask these questions before ordering, but with free shipping - might as well order while it's still available!
    Thanks for your help/advice:yes:
  4. Arrrggghhhhh...I paid more than the sale price because I was convinced I'd never get it later!:noggin:
  5. :drool: Love it!
  6. Wow it's gorgeous.. thanks for the link :smile:
  7. That green is gorgeous!
  8. Gorgeous. I would LOVE to get this in the Dark Brown, but I'm waiting on the funds for a return to NM!:hysteric:

    ** BittyMonkey, any chance you know what the dimensions are?
  9. According to NM after doing a live chat w/ them the dimensions are 12L x 10 1/2 H x 7 W
  10. Thanks for that Shushopn. Sounds like a terrific bag for me. Just wish it didn't take so long for my account to be credited. Ugh:excl: ::waiting impatiently:: ....
  11. I like Hogan bags more and more every time I see them. The past few times I've gone to NM I seem to spend more time looking at the Hogans than I do anything else. I think there will definitely be a Hogan in my near future!
  12. I agree, I have a Hogan in my future! See the other Hogan thread: Hogan Waxed Leather Bag