Green eyeshadow, still searching...

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I love the color green but have yet to find a shade that doesn't either blend into my skin or look cartoonish. I'm looking for something that is a saturated color and not pastel. I have a dark complexion with cool/yellow undertones.
    Anyone have a shade or line they suggest?
  2. my favorie green is the lash stylist by maybelline.. :smile: but i am pale...
  3. Ive heard for darker skin tones, you should stay away from chalky pastel eyeshadows as it can bring out fine lines around the eyes, and can give off grey undertones. Thats why, i HIGHLY recommend this:
    SHE Eye Powder in green (I cant remember the exact name of the shade but SHE only has about 6 eye powders out at the moment, and theres only one green shade.)

    Its very light, shimmery (but not glittery) and a GORGEOUS shade. I loved it so much I bought two!
    I found a review website here for you to see:
  4. One of my favorite greens is Chanel "Khaki" it has some shimmer and a bit of gold in it.
  5. A dark green would look good. Great eyeshadow brands are Stila, Urban Decay, and NARS (incredibly overpriced though)
  6. UD Urb or Stila la douce. Outstanding non boring greens that are not bling bling (really). Try it on first.
  7. Look at Shu Uemura, you will not be disappointed!!!!

  8. I am also looking for a good green, something like an apple green. I have a lot of aquas and beautiful dark greens (Too Faced and Stila) but I want something lighter but also vibrant, yet not clownish either. I was also told to try Shu.
  9. do you prefer a mat shadow or something with some shimmer?

    I think a dark ivy color or a mossy color would look lovely.
  10. My MAC SA told me she was going to use a green shadow on me and I freaked out. When she was done I was soooo in love with the look that I wear it all the time.

    The green is Sumptuous olive on the lid and I pair it with Soft Brown and Texture in the crease and Brule and Dazelight as my highlighter.

    By the way, I am a "dark asian" so my complexion is on the darker side.
  11. For greens, I love Lorac...Olive (light shimmery green) and Jade (deep green shimmer). gorgeous!
  12. try urban decay's graffiti. it's bright and gorgeous or MAC'a bitter and jade stick.
  13. I recently purchased "Patina" from Laura Mercier. I love it!!! It's a darker green mixed with a hint of gold shimmer.
  14. Lorac's jade (

    It's a LOT darker than this picture has it at. I'm pretty dark skinned (I look hispanic, thats how dark I am!) and it looks really good on me!

    Also Nars's Fuji (army green with shimmer)

    is a good color but, it's very shimmery.