Green Epi...

The green is amazing.. I love it! It never got the recognition it deserved when it was in the stores. I have a green trocadero and a petite noe and I still wear them proudly. There are nice ones on ebay occassionally especially let-trade. Good luck!
There are 2 green keepalls on ebay and a riviera (i think it's called). I'm not sure on their authenticities, so make sure you post it in the authenticate this thread if you're interested!
krispin I have seen green epi on ebay and it's usually been priced pretty affordably too. There is one seller japan location that has quite a bit of noe styles in epi and green has come up as well as a lot of toledo. what style were you looking to get?

I LOVE your collection. The mono speedy 30 is next up at bat for me, but 3 other bags you have I would love to add one day, the mono wapity, your ellipse pm, and the dam. poch. I was wondering if you could position the strap on that pochette to a wristlet style? Why do some damier poch. have brass straps as well? Your baggy pm is my favorite in the denim line, I love your taste! I also love how you paired the green perfo cles with your speedy, the green is my favorite in that collection too, lol.
lol krispin and clake that's the seller I was talking about, ebay seller Japan location, they seem to have the most green epi I've noticed. Good luck winning the keep all, have you considered auctionsniper dot com, it keeps the price down as well, just monitor the auction but snipe at the end to your highest amount you are willing to spend.